Vibrating primary feeders are used for feeding the material dumped into the primary hopper to the primary crusher. These feeders are driven by vibrator motors or mechanical drive systems with eccentric weight and gearbox. Primary feeders are strong enough for the impact forces of the rocks dumped into the hopper. Also there are special steel liners (Hardox etc.) on sides and bottom of the feeders.
Scalper screens are used for separation of the natural fines in the raw material. Adjustable grizzly spaces helps separation for all kind of material. Grizzly bars are designed very strong and wear resistant. 
Apron feeders are used under the primary feed hoppers when the feed material includes soil or clay and gets sticky with moisture. Apron feeders prevents feeding problems even the material is very dirty and sticky with the help of strong structure and track system.
Wobbler screens are used when the raw material is dirty, humid and sticky. They provide a clean and homogenaus feeding to the primary crusher. By the help of  synchronised shafts having elliptical cams on them, wobbler screens make the separation of soil and clay by preventing blockage.
Vibrating Feeder Scalper Compatible Primary 
Model Dimensions(mm) Motor Power (kW) Model Dimensions (mm) Motor Power (kW)
VB-930 900x3000 2x4,5 IE-1020 1000x2000 2x4,5 CK-90
VB-1140 1100x4000 2x7,5 IE-1230 1200x3000 15 CK-110, PDK-130
VB-1350 1300x5000 30 IE-1430 1400x3000 15 CK-130, PDK-140
VB-1555 1500x5500 37 IE-1635 1600x3500 18,5 CK-150, PDK-160
VB-1760 1700x6000 45 IE-1840 1800x4000 22 PDK-200
Apron Feeder Wobbler Screen Compatible Primary Crusher
Width (mm) Maximum Length (mm) Width (mm) Maximum Length (mm) Steps
VB-930 900x3000 IE-1020 1000x2000 1-2 CK-90
VB-1140 1100x4000 IE-1230 1200x3000 1-2 CK-110, PDK-130
VB-1350 1300x5000 IE-1430 1400x3000 1-2-3 CK-130, PDK-140
VB-1555 1500x5500 IE-1635 1600x3500 1-2-3 CK-150, PDK-160
VB-1760 1700x6000 IE-1840 1800x4000 1-2-3 PDK-200


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