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Our stone crushing and screening machine production facility

As MADEN MACHINERY, we are at the beginning of our work to make the highest quality production by using all the opportunities brought by technology in our manufacturing facility with an area of ​​7 thousand m². We aim to take fast steps towards becoming the best in the world and Turkey in its sector.

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Design & Production

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With 25 years of knowledge and experience

Our goal is to make our company one of the leading companies in the sector. MADEN MACHINERY, serves its customers in all steps of business i.e. plant design, manufacturing, site assembly, sales and after-sales services, service and spare parts activities. MADEN MACHINERY, with big site experience, will keep its effort and enthusiasm to reach the target to be in the highest level in crushing and screening.

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Stone Crushing Machines are indispensable equipment in the mining and quarrying industry. These machines are used to break large stones into smaller pieces. They are also known as rock breakers. Stone crushing can be both economical and environmentally friendly.

In addition, stone crushers can be used to convert old building materials into new building materials. As a result, the use of stone crushers in the mining and quarrying industry is not only necessary, but also beneficial in terms of cost and environmental impact.

Our main machines include Jaw crushers, Vertical shaft crushers, Cone crushers, Impact crushers, Tertiary crushers, Mobile crushers, Vibrating screens, belt conveyors.

We could provide reasonable and economical equipment configuration designs based on material type and clients request for stone granularity and project capacity.

Vibrating stone screens are used to separate particles of different sizes. They use a vibrating motion to shake the stones and allow smaller particles to pass through the sieve, while larger particles are left behind. They are commonly used in construction, mining, and agriculture industries.


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